ECON-220: Histrory of Economic Thought

Lectures and Material

Lecture 1

Why study the History of Economic Thought

The Economic Thought back to Ancient Times

Lecture 2

The Feudal Period

Lecture 3

Conceptual Definition of Mercantilism

Mercantilist Policy

Colonial Mercantilism


Background Questions

Presentation of Lecture3

Lecture 4

Adam Smith: The Wealth of Nations?

Lecture 5

How would Adam Smith fix the Financial Crisis

Lecture 6

Tensions Created by the Industrial Revolution

Lecture 7

Realism, Positivism, Materialism and Marxism

Case Studies

1. Economic Security for Middle Class Families

2. The Great Depression and Economic Theory

3. The five Principles of Mercantilism

4. The Keynesian Economic Policies and the New Deal

5. The Similarities between the causes of the Great Depression and the Current Global Economic Crisis



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